Our first week back after half term.

This week we have been learning about poems.  We have written a firework shape poem. We practised reading out poems aloud to use expression.

In maths we have been adding and subtracting 1s, 10s and 100s to 3-digit numbers. We are also learning our times tables.  Please keep testing us all at home on our 2s, 5s, 10s and 11s. We are getting good!

We have enjoyed learning about bonfire night and learnt about Guy Fawkes trying to blow up King James in the houses of parliament.

We have been learning about the fishing history of Grimsby and how the docks have changed.

In PSHE we have learnt about friendship and how we can all be friends even though we are all different.

Yours Sincerely,

from ,Triston,Maisie and keisha

Hi everyone!

We were so busy last week we did not have time to blog! We went on a trip to the Heritage Centre.  It was fantastic!  We got to go on the Ross Tiger and we were shown around by a real skipper! We know that the trawlermen had fish to eat every day! We got to see what their beds were like.  They were bunk beds and some were right next to the engine.  The engine was so loud I wouldn’t want to have slept there! We also tried on some fishermen clothes. Some looked big and some looked small. We saw the fake fish and chip shop and pub! There was also an art gallery that we looked around.

Last week we also saw the Jack and the Beanstalk pantomime.  It was so so funny we are still talking about it this week! They came to our school.  We were so lucky.

This week we have been learning to write letters.  We also made stained glass windows in R.E. In maths we have been doing multiplication.  We are learning our times tables.  Can you test us at home on our 2s and 5s? We already know our 10s and 11s and Miss Baxter is going to teach us a trick for our 9s.

We have been reading the diary of a lively labrador and our homework is to do a diary of our weekend.  Next week we are going to pretend we are trawler men and write a diary.

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Yours sincerely,

Hollie and Caitlin.

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Our art work, by Sally, Jack, Anthony and Alexis.

We have been learning about Vincent Van Gogh.  He was a famous artist.  Have you seen his famous painting called Starry Night?  We really like it.  We have been busy in our class using paints and pastels to make our own pictures of Starry Night.  Do you like them?  We also did a charcoal skyline silhouette.  The charcoal was very messy but we managed to do it! Sally’s favourite thing was using the charcoal.  Jack liked the painting the best. Anthony also liked the charcoal.  Alexis said, “my best part was the painting because it was the best thing ever!”

Here are our charcoal skyline silhouettes.

Here are our charcoal skyline silhouettes.


We have also been learning to tell the time so you can’t trick us and send us to bed early! Please help us over the weekend to practise telling the time, we are learning analogue and 12 hour digital.  We can also do Roman Numerals! Keep asking us what time it is, we love to learn!

Thanks for reading, please write us a reply.

From Sally, Jack, Alexis and Anthony.

Our week

This week year 3 have decided to do a blog post together. In SPaG we have learnt to use speech marks.  We have also learnt the right name for these are inverted commas.  We use them for direct speech.

In maths we have been learning column addition.  Some of us can cross the columns for up to 4-digit numbers!

In English we have been writing a story about Rock, Paper and Scissors.  We have learnt to use lots of description and we also had to edit some of our work to make it better.

In science we have been learning about eating healthy and a balanced diet.  We have also learnt about where our food goes.  We know this is the digestive system.

We have started our history topic on the local fishing history of Grimsby.  We wonder if any of you reading this could comment with anything you know about it?

Thank you for reading, we will keep you updated on what we are busy doing in Cougar class, We are having lots of fun and learning lots.

A blog about year 3.

In year 3 we have done fractions and we have done times tables. In literacy we have done scary stories and poems.  In topic we have done about the Stone Age and we made headdresses out of paper mache which was messy but a lot of fun! Miss Baxter has helped me to sort out my problems.  Other people in year 3 have been nice to me and played with me and made me really happy.  It has been a really nice class to be in.


A blog about year 3.

In year 3 we have been learning about maths and it was really fun but it was a little bit tricky.  In literacy we did about stories and we wrote a myth. My favourite trip was when we went to Hull museum and we learnt about Stone Age people in topic and it was really fun. Miss Baxter has helped me to learn to make good choices.  Year 3 has been great fun.


A blog about year 3.

Year 3 has been good because when we got to do maths we had to do year 6 work like angles. Soon we are moving in year 4 and they have got loads of hard work. When it was Christmas we got some presents from Miss Baxter, Mrs Turner and Santa. Year 3 has been great.


A blog about year 3.

In year 3 we have been learning about how to make pottery and how to do cricket in P.E. When it was Christmas day we got to open all our presents when Miss Baxter, Mrs Turner and Santa put them under the tree for us. We were very lucky. I really loved singing with my teacher and my class and learning new songs.  Year 3 has been amazing.


A blog about year 3.

In year 3 my favourite lesson is guided reading because sometimes we have to do comprehension and sometimes we read.  My next favourite is maths because sometimes it is easy and sometimes it is hard.  The hard work was estimating how much things would cost and the easy work was place value. This year has been good.


A blog about year 3.

In year 3 we have fun trips like going on a real boat that was called the Ross Tiger and the lessons are always fun.  Sometimes in golden time Miss Baxter will bake you some treats. In P.E. Miss Baxter taught us to play cricket and I really enjoyed it. On Wednesdays Miss Lincoln comes in to teach us French. I have learnt lots this year and it was been fabulous.